Public lecture with Buddhist Teacher Roman Kouzmenko

/ April 11, 2015

It is our pleasure to invite all interested to the lecture of visiting buddhist teacher Roman Kouzmenko. ABOUT ROMAN Roman grew up in Sakhalin Island, Russia. In 1994, he moved to Melbourne to complete post graduate courses in Business Administration and Marketing, as well as International trade. Seeking a career change, Roman now teaches yoga in Australia, Europe and Asia.

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Lecture with Buddhist Teacher – Lena Leonteva

/ June 17, 2014

It is our pleasure to invite all interested to the lecture of Lena Leonteva, great Diamond Way traveling teacher. Lena Leonteva studied Mathematics at the University of Lvov, Ukraine. Upon graduation, she worked at a secret military institute as a programmer. She met Lama Ole in 1992 in Moscow. In 1998 Lama Ole asked her to teach, and, since then, she

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Public Lecture with Buddhist Teacher – Zsuzsa Koszegi

/ November 20, 2013

JOY WISDOM COMPASSION Buddhism in Modern Daily Life 24 November 2013 SUNDAY, 5 pm 38 Carpenter Street #03-01 Hui Seng Building Singapore 059917 It is our pleasure to invite all interested, to a public lecture of Zsuzsa Koszegi, one of the most experienced students of Lama Ole, who has been teaching Buddhism for more than 18 years, due to wish

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