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MeetUp: https://www.meetup.com/Tibetan-Buddhist-Meditation-in-Singapore/events/242555515/

Dear friends,

We are very happy to announce that we will have Dr. Artur Przybyslawski with us this September 3rd

Artur is not only an experienced Buddhist practitioner and teacher but also a Buddhist Scholar. Please do not miss this opportunity to meet and share in Artur’s vast experience and knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings.

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Mark Pace

MeetUp: https://www.meetup.com/Tibetan-Buddhist-Meditation-in-Singapore/events/235058944/

We are very excited to announce that Diamond Way teacher Mark Pace will be visiting Singapore in the end of October. Mark will be speaking about how the methods of the Diamond Way Buddhism can make our lives more meaningful and happier.

The full potential of our mind is limitlessly joyful, with a tremendous capacity to benefit others and ourselves.

But without development, our capacity for happiness will remain latent – unrealized and undiscovered.

If we use them, Diamond Way Buddhist meditation methods enable us to experience the full potential of our mind in everyday life, without having to change our culture or lifestyle.

Mark will be speaking about how we can practically use this methods in our everyday busy lives. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and to take part in guided meditation. Hope to see you there!

About the teacher

Mark Pace met his teachers Hannah and Lama Ole Nydahl in Sydney 1996. After travelling with them extensively, he founded the Canberra Diamond Way Buddhist Centre in 1997 together with his friends. Lama Ole asked him to start teaching in 2003.

Mark lives in Canberra and has a young daughter. He studied philosophy, political science, and business, and works in communications. He loves travelling, enjoys reading and keeping fit.

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We are happy to announce the upcoming lecture with Buddhist Teacher Ewa Kazmierczak!

Lecture’s topic is “Buddhism in Everyday Life” and it will be followed by guided Buddhist meditation, which is suitable for newcomers and experienced Buddhists alike.

Time: 7 pm, 19/11/2015
Place: 1 Sophia Road, Peace Centre, #05-11
Entry is $10 to cover room hire.

Everybody is more than welcome to join!!


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We are happy to announce the upcoming lecture with Buddhist Teacher Leif Anderson.

About Leif Anderson
Leif met Buddhism and Buddhist teachers Lama Ole and Hannah Nydahl in January 1973. He took refuge with Kalu Rinpoche in Sonada, India, October 1973, and met HH the 16th Karmapa and the four young Tulkus the same place in December 1973. He has lived in the Buddhist centre in Copenhagen since 1990 and became a Diamond Way Buddhist Teacher in 2001.


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It is our pleasure to invite all interested to the lecture of visiting buddhist teacher Roman Kouzmenko.

Roman grew up in Sakhalin Island, Russia. In 1994, he moved to Melbourne to complete post graduate courses in Business Administration and Marketing, as well as International trade. Seeking a career change, Roman now teaches yoga in Australia, Europe and Asia.

In 2000, Roman met Lama Ole Nydahl, and started practicing Diamond Way Buddhism. Since then, he has traveled extensively with Lama Ole through Russia, Europe, India, Nepal, Australia and New Zealand. Roman plays a key role in running the Melbourne Diamond Way Centre in Albert Park and has been teaching Buddhism since 2003. His teaching style is joyful, relaxed and practical.

Topic: How Karma Works
Venue: Dance On Us, 8 Claymore Hill Road #01-03.
Date: 14th April 2015
Time: 8:30PM


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Bez tytułu

It is our pleasure to invite all interested to the lecture of Lena Leonteva, great Diamond Way traveling teacher.

Lena Leonteva studied Mathematics at the University of Lvov, Ukraine. Upon graduation, she worked at a secret military institute as a programmer. She met Lama Ole in 1992 in Moscow. In 1998 Lama Ole asked her to teach, and, since then, she has traveled extensively throughout Russia and Europe. In 2005, following Lama Ole ‘s wishes, Lena began graduate work on Tibetan Buddhism at the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies. She has been a translator, book editor, and since 2007 the chief editor of Buddhism.ru magazine. In 2011 she completed her PhD in history (thesis about Marpa’s works).

Lena stops in Singapore only for one night so don’t miss the opportunity to get the teachings, ask questions and meditate.

Venue: 3 Petain Road, #05-07, Singapore 208108, nearest MRT station – Lavender (green line) or Farrer Park (purple line)

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Buddhism in Modern Daily Life

24 November 2013

SUNDAY, 5 pm

38 Carpenter Street
#03-01 Hui Seng Building
Singapore 059917

It is our pleasure to invite all interested, to a public lecture of Zsuzsa Koszegi, one of the most experienced students of Lama Ole, who has been teaching Buddhism for more than 18 years, due to wish of her teacher. With her well-known sense of humor, direct style and broad life experience, she will introduce Diamond Way Buddhism view and methods, aimed at a gradual development of unconditional Joy, Wisdom and Compassion. This direct approach, which proved to be so successful in the busy western societies, can now provide an important alternative for those in Singapore, who are interested in practical methods of working with the mind, that are both authentic and modern. All are welcome!


+65 855 037 54

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